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Saving the world...

Is it a bike?


Is it a plane?


It's the Bike Babes!

... on Ike the Bike!

The Bike Babes are two superheroes who have come to save the world.

Their transportation?

Ike the Bike, an ingenious construction wherein bike and plane meet.

One of the Babes is cycling around, the other flies high in the sky. Far above the surprised audience; searching for people in need...


A man in need, he is turning purple. 

Way too hot!

Bike Babes to the rescue... He needs some air!

A child, so small, yet possessing super-powers.

Really cool!

Bike Babes transform it into a SUPERHERO with a cape and a mask.

Ike calls... "Bike Babes: we have a problem!"

Start the music. Start winding up the flying position.

The Bike Babes to the rescue.... on Ike the Bike!

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